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I find it unfortunate that some of the subjects I broach may be considered taboo, so if you have sensitive eyes and ears or if you’re just massively judgmental, you may respectfully fuck off.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

THOUGHTS: Man of my Dreams

I had a dream last night that this random person just kept calling my name and chasing me sweetly until I finally chose to stop in the middle of the road in front of an open faced restaurant so I turned and he pulled me to him and kissed me deeply in front of everyone and I melted but before I could even compose myself he began to walk so I walked with him to this high rise tower of some sort with long florescent white ramps as aisles but he walked faster than me up and up surely because he is just so tall I think and he veers off to the right and I do not quite see where he went but thankfully he is waiting and ushers me through only to begin walking the inclines again surpassing me while I'm starting to believe he is choosing to do this and it has nothing to do with his powerful long legs but I look up and he is gone once again I try to find him but instead I run across a room with a sauna harboring 4 beautiful specimens of what the male body can be and they each vie for my attention and ask me to join them which I momentarily consider but I'm worried now about what my statuesque suitor was rushing toward so fervently that he would leave the woman he so actively pursued only moments earlier so I bid them adieu and backed out of the humid box and I hear him checking aisles like a child in a panic that was too busy looking at the colorful boxes of cereal while his mom moved along to the frozen goods and yet he's not saddened that I am no longer there he seems angry and when he finally sees me I smile and he does not but instead holds my hand apologizes and implores that I should follow him once more which I do because it would seem that the higher we climb in this building the less gravity has a hold of my senses but he's sprinting away from me now and I barely see him slide through a door that I can feel leads to the peak of this structure and as I open the door I feel the cold heat of the bullet make it's way through my chest before I even hear it and somehow defying the laws of physics I run forward through the room of his preoccupations with a look on my face that is in no way surprised and the smoke is still rising from his revolver and I'm looking him dead in his hollow eyes as he proceeds to kick me through the spiring glass window to my doom.

Is this foreshadowing or is this because I saw Inglorious Bastards last night?

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