From the Desk of Crazy

This blog is extremely personal, but to be a good writer one must overcome the fear of being explicit about things that occur in this life's journey. The gravity of a lot of the situations hinges on this honesty.

I find it unfortunate that some of the subjects I broach may be considered taboo, so if you have sensitive eyes and ears or if you’re just massively judgmental, you may respectfully fuck off.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Everybody Loves Crazy

Welcome to truth. I appreciate you stopping by and witnessing the progression on my first novel “Everybody Loves Crazy”. I’ll be blogging about the process, the progress, and the prospects…by that I mean, the people and situations I encounter outside of the confines of my novel that still qualify as batshit.


  1. Hey girl,

    I just stumbled on your blog and I'm lookin forward to witnessing "the journey"