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This blog is extremely personal, but to be a good writer one must overcome the fear of being explicit about things that occur in this life's journey. The gravity of a lot of the situations hinges on this honesty.

I find it unfortunate that some of the subjects I broach may be considered taboo, so if you have sensitive eyes and ears or if you’re just massively judgmental, you may respectfully fuck off.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Finally...a Working Title!

Everybody Loves Crazy? Yes crazy. Ridiculous crazy, demented crazy, funny crazy, silly crazy, kooky crazy, creepy crazy... Seriously, look it up in the dictionary, close your eyes, now point. Wherever you fits! As long as it's from observation and not experience, right? Well, you would think. But to epitomize "CRAZY" as the general idea of being in a state of chaos...well, come on....who doesn't like a little drama in their lives? I do believe the only difference between being melodramatic and normal, whatever that is, hinges on the ability to recognize and control ones own "crazy" tolerance vs. "crazy" response levels.

Someone once told the Wright Brother's it would be crazy to try and fly. Magellan was considered crazy for thinking the world was round. Society's crazy tolerance? Pretty Low. Any innovators crazy tolerance? Pretty high. It's hard to hear the naysayers and put on the X-Ray glasses to see that convention was simply trying to attribute qualities to THEM that the status quo was exhibiting. Their "crazy" response? Shoving them all the finger by proving them wrong. So crazy isn't always a bad thing. It's a two way street, or more appropriately...crazy is in the eyes of the beholder.

I think the real reason I am so enamored with this title is because of a little something I used to dub the subliminal intercom. Ever since I can remember, my Dad took it upon himself to stream various tapes and CDs over the intercom system of our house. I remember having dreams of playing croquet with suspender-clad, well spoken white men with heavy southern drawls only to rouse to the same voices teaching me vocabulary words or sales techniques in the morning. "Everybody Loves Crazy" reminds me of one such lesson from a Zig Ziglar training exercise.

I didn't kill my wife!
(It wasn't me, it was Shaggy)
I DIDN'T kill my wife!
(Seriously! I was at my moms)
I didn't KILL my wife!
(I just smacked that ho)
I didn't kill MY wife!
(I killed HIS wife)
I didn't kill my WIFE!
(Don't ask me where her boyfriend is...)

Stressing each word can create an entirely different meaning, and although "Everybody Loves Crazy" doesn't vary much with different verbal inflections, it still amazes me that the title is such a tiny grouping of words, but yet it evokes a multitude of possible definitions.

You Love Crazy because what's life without a little excitement?
She Loves Crazy because secretly, she enjoys being the victim?
He Loves Crazy because crazy can be mysterious and guys like that?
They Love Crazy because like attracts like and they're crazy too?
I'm not really sure. Just my observations, but I Love Crazy because I have to appreciate the insanity in my life so I can revel in the calm that much more.

Everybody Loves Crazy Because you can't have crazy alone, now can you? If you are on a secluded island worshiping imaginary pink unicorns while river dancing to Milli Vanilli naked....well. That's your prerogative. But when the masses get a hold of you and become afraid, or fight against your ideals, or YouTube you...well then that's when the paddy wagon rolls in.

But eh, what are you gonna do? People get off on picking other people apart and pigeon holing them into one category or another in order to make themselves feel that much more secure in their own little box. Perhaps that is my reasoning for pursuing this project. Or perhaps that's really why everybody loves crazy, because in our continual quest to prove how sane we are by exposing other people's idiosyncrasies, we're only revealing that everybody IS crazy.

But that's just me...What does "Everybody Loves Crazy" mean to you?

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